11/16/2011 - spent the afternoon with CSI
i-meassge- sunitabeth@gmail.com
Hi! My name is Sunni. I was born in 1993 and was adopted as a baby. I have a disability but I'm just as normal as you are. I have the best family and friends that a girl could ever ask for. I'm strong willed and I can do anything that I put my mind to. So come on and get to know me because I love making new friends.
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-I love drawing.
-I love Marg Helgenberger/Catherine Willows.
-I love people who have a kind heart.
-I love my friends and family.
-I love the color red.
-I love pop music.
-I love CSI Las Vegas.
-I love Sarah Palin.
-I love Julie Andrews.
-I love Taylor Swift.
-I love my best friend <3
-I love Starbucks.
-I love dancing.
-I love writing.
-I love the Golden Girls.
- I love William Petersen/Gil Grissom
- I love Once upon a time
- I love Dianna Argon

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